I knew you one summer in a crazy world,

And you were crazy beautiful.

I see you, and smile, and you say,
Je t’aime!
At first, I am scared.
But je t’aime, je t’aime, my love, you say.
But I cannot comprehend –
I wonder how this could be.
You tell me words are everything and
you caress me with your tu me manque
and kiss me with your je t’aime.
You tell me of your home,
And that you miss it.
Occasionally you tease
me about mine.
You debunk the Eiffel, and tell me you like
French fries indeed.
(You tell me the English steal your words.)
I tell you I love Rome,
And you tell me Rome is not in France,
And I know, but I pretend.
Je t’aime, je t’aime, you say.
Hopelessly I spit out French,
I hope you understand.
But it confuses.
And you tell me to speak only English, but
Je t’aime, je t’aime, I love you, I love you
for trying.
And so many times
you love me by the beach when no one looks,
And you love me on the train when people watch,
And at night, you love me softly –
And steal me away as you do.
You say you will love me no more once the summer is over,
And I understand.
You say once this time ends you will have to leave,
And I will have to leave too.
I ask you je t’ai manqué?
You say, oui, beaucoup.
But then you say it is manque, not manqué.
And I say tu me manque.
But you ask me how I miss someone right next to me.

And then one day,
You leave.
You steal me no more,
And your words are gone.
And tu me manque means nothing to my next boyfriend.
And you are gone,
And there is a void here which you do not feel.
And you are gone,
And all words are dead
and I am changed.


Mon Été – My summer
Je t’aime – I love you
Tu me manques – I miss you
Oui, beaucoup – Yes, very much
Je t’ai manque – You miss me


May 2008

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