I remember telling you once that
there are many things we should all be sorry for.
Such as,
People killing with weapons, hands, words.
Children dying hungry before night,
Global warming and polar bears dying.
Bad cars, bad food, bad company,
And people who die before experiencing any of the three.
In other words,
we should be sorry about death in general.
And we should also be sorry for people who are sorry about death.
And people who are just constantly sorry as well.
So you see,
We should be sorry for a lot of things, and people, and trees.
You laughed and said –
Well, polar bears dying aren’t funny but why are you so concerned when you’re
scared of the tiniest of poodles?
At that point,
I felt sorry that you were such an idiot.
And then I felt even sorrier for myself
because I knew I’d do anything for you still.
But somehow,
I forgot the polar bears.
And you forgot me too,
because you’ve gone.
And all I feel now is sorry,
so very sorry,
because maybe if I didn’t keep talking about
being the savior of the universe
you’d be here.
You see,
I really don’t care about those stupid polar bears.
And I know everyone is dying and people are hungry
and in a few decades the earth will be annihilated,
the aliens will invade,
we’d be drinking our own piss to survive,

why did you go?


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